"Connected" – Ephesians 4:14-16

Online Resources

**Disclaimer** The Ellijay Church of Christ, and it’s leadership are not responsible for the content found on the following websites. They are provided as a source for further research and study.

Steadfast Word of the Lord

What is the meaning and purpose of Baptism?

If you have specific needs or a Bible question with which you would like some help, or if you would like someone to study the Bible with you personally, please be sure to contact us.

Christian Resources

Christian Resources – This site supports the needs of the brotherhood for easily finding Internet resources.

Churches of Christ on the Web – Resources, tools, and teaching regarding the churches of Christ throughout the world.

Church of Christ Info – Church of Christ directory and materials.

Sheila Butt – Christian Author and Speaker Giving strength, encouragement and Biblical insight to women who are sincerely trying to become women after God’s own heart!

Reviving The Family – Strengthening The Bond Between God and Families

A Cappella Singing

Apologetics Press

21st Century Christian – Publishers of Christian Books and Curriculum

Bible Gateway – Search the Bible in seven languages and six versions including NIV, RSV, NASB and KJV.

Why Pain and Suffering? – The purpose of this site is to provide some information, encouragement and support for those who are struggling with pain, chronic illness, death, and personal tragedy.

Online Bible Study Resources

If you would like to study the Bible on-line, here are some links that will help you along.

Into the Abundant Life

The Agony and Glory of the Cross – Devotionals

Truth for Today – Hundreds of downloadable Bible lessons in several languages.

In Search of Truth – Forums, online audio, articles, online bible studies and more.

Ralph Henley Sermons – Audio Sermons, sermon outlines and poetry from a faithful servant of God.

Bible Study Resources – Great resources for Biblical research into all matters of doctrine and scholarly studies.